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Entry mat systems are critical in trapping soil, pollutants, and moisture that otherwise would spread into and throughout the building, as well as in reducing the cost to properly maintain the building. Entry mat systems should be addressed during the design-phase of the building rather than as a maintenance issue after the fact. The International Sanitary Supply Association reports that most of the dirt within a building is tracked in on people's shoes, and that 85% of this can be removed if entry mats are properly designed and maintained.

Entrances and lobbies can quickly become unsightly, providing a poor first-impression about the maintenance and condition of the building. Dirt and pollutants can spread to larger areas, thereby requiring higher maintenance costs than otherwise would have been necessary. Moisture tracked onto hard-surface floors can increase the chance of injuries and can reduce the life of carpet. Increased grit tracked onto smooth-surface flooring can grind away the protective finish and carpets can quickly become loaded with pollutants.

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